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Parabeam 700-fsk Wireless Driveway Alarm / Perimeter Alarm System


Parabeam 700-fsk Driveway / Perimeter Alarm System. Ideal for farms, rural residences, compound security, visitor alert.

1 Year Warranty


1 x 4 Zone Long Range Base Receiver - with:
Adjustable Antenna
Power Adapter

1 x Solar Recharging Security Beam - with:
1 x Beam Communicator
1 x Beam Emitter
2 x Solar Panel
(each panel has 5m cable)
2 x Internal Rechargeable Battery Pack
1 x Fitting Kit



459.00 + P&P & Insurance

 Wireless Security Beam Features
  • Solar Re-Charging - NO WIRING - Internal Lithium Battery
  • Point-To-Point Infrared Beam - extremely reliable in outdoor locations
  • Immune from false alerts due to small animals, adverse weather, birds etc
  • Wireless with diagnostic communication
  • Realistic range Up To 300m (1000m Line of sight)
     Extended Range Antenna - 2Km
  • Security Beam Span Adjustable Up To 40m
  • Robust and weatherproof - IP rated enclosures
  • Add multiple Security Beams
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Battery life approx 3years


 4 Zone Long Range Base Receiver Features


Enclosure Dimensions: H65mm - W50mm - D45mm
Solar Panel Dimensions: L120mm - W65mm - D30mm inc bracket
4 Zone Receiver Dimensions: H:28mm - L120mm - W75mm

is a wireless driveway alarm system with many applications including:
Alarms for farms, stables, rural residence protection, nurseries, businesses needing yard or compound security,
car yard perimeters, fish ponds, swimming pool security....

Latest BBC news on Parabeam helping rural crime prevention

Parabeam wireless driveway alarms / perimeter alarm systems have many applications for external detection.

Our detection device is a professional, solar recharging, point-to-point infrared beam, NOT to be confused with false alarming PIR type sensors.
No mains wiring required, No frequent replacement of batteries.

The security systems are ideal  for farm security systems including protection of stables, outbuildings and entrances, compound security, businesses with yards and vulnerable perimeters, rural residential properties and holiday homes.

Parabeam alerts you immediately when a person or a vehicle passes through the security beam. Protect multiple external areas of your property by adding up to four security beams.

You will never miss another visitor, customer or intruder again...every home and business needs one!

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