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Parabeam GSM Communicator (Text Message Alerts)


Parabeam TAM-4 GSM Text Alert Module

Parabeam TAM-4
GSM Text Alert Module

1 x GSM Text Alert Module
1 x Connection Cable
1 x Antenna
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Programming Numbers Instructions
1 Year Guarantee

(SIM Card not included)


The Parabeam TAM-4 has 4 alert inputs which pair up with the Parabeam receivers 4 Zones.

Let's you know which individual wireless security beam or zone has been triggered.

Receive intruder alerts anywhere in the world.
Ideal for remote security for homes, holiday homes, farm security systems, businesses, stables, orchards, nurseries etc.

Know when to view your internet CCTV cameras.

Plugs directly into Parabeam 700-fsk 4 zone base receiver with no additional power source required. Easily connects to the Parabeam 2 Zone Base Receiver

Recommend using account based SIM card of your chosen mobile network
(Pay as you go SIM cards can run out of credit and cause problems with PIN numbers)

Can auto dial up to 5 telephone numbers to receiver alert text messages and phone call alerts.
Turn on/off by free phone call or text message to SIM phone number number.

We can pre-program phone numbers for control and alerts before sending.
Change settings via easy text messages.

& Insurance

Advance Alert GSM Module High Gain Antenna

Advance Alert GSM Module High Gain Antenna

If GSM signal in your area is low, this high gain antenna should improve reception

Has a magnetic base for easy attachment to metal surface.

3db Gain

1m cable with SMA connector which is compatible with either the the Advance Alert GM-2 or GM-4  

1 x Antenna, cable and connector
1 Year Guarantee


15.00  +
& Insurance


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