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Advance Alert 101P Driveway / Perimeter Alarm Kit

Don't waste money on a cheap (single sensor) type driveway alarm!


DIY Driveway Alarm | Reliable Wireless Infrared Beam | Pocket Receiver

A PIR type sensor will give false alarms due to small animals and peripheral movement from trees and bushes etc.

The Advance Alert 101P is simply the best value for money, reliable driveway alarm on the market

  • Reliable, point-to-point infrared beam up to 12m
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Realistic 200m wireless range (1000m open air)
  • DIY install - easy alignment with rotating emitter and receiver heads
  • Battery powered beam emitter - no wiring
  • Easily extend 12V power to transmitter
  • Pocket receiver battery and mains power
  • Add multiple pocket receivers


  • 1 x Wireless Infrared Beam, 12V Power Adapter,
    Fitting Kit, 2 x AA Emitter Batteries
  • 1 x Beeper Pocket Receiver, Belt Clip, 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 1 x 3V Pocket Receiver Mains Adapter


195.00 +
P&P & Insurance


Additional Pocket Receiver


Additional Wireless Pocket Receiver Kit | Advance Alert Driveway Alarm Systems

Add as many pocket receivers
as you like!

Features include: Choice of 10 pre-programmed tunes & tones, belt clip, cord aerial with security clip, L.E.D. flasher, silent mode (just flasher), batteries included.

Easily enrols to:

  • Relay transmitter included in the
    Pocket Receiver Kit
  • Any individual wireless Advance Alert beam

40.00 +
P&P & Insurance



Pocket Receiver 3V Mains Adapter

Pocket Receiver 3V Mains Adapter | Advance Alert Perimeter Alarm System

The Pocket Receiver Mains Adapter adds extra flexibility.

As well as a battery powered pocket receiver you can take anywhere (up to 200 meters), the mains adapter allows the receiver to be left switched on indefinitely without draining the batteries.

Also, add a second, static low cost receiver for other rooms or locations

15.00 +
P&P & Insurance

Advance Alert 101 Wireless Infrared Beam
Wireless Driveway Entrance Alert | Infrared Beam | Advance Alert Wireless Driveway And Perimeter Alarms
  • 12m beam span

  • Realistic 200m wireless range (1000m open air) 433.92MHz

  • Battery powered beam emitter
    2 x AA Batteries included
    Approx 10 month battery life
    Can also be powered by 12V adapter

  • 12V adapter powered transmitter (inc)

  • Add extension cable

  • Indoor or outdoor use

  • Easy DIY installation

  • Beam emitter and receiver swivel 180 degrees so the beam enclosures do not need to be positioned opposite each other

  • Transmitter LED and beeper allows easy alignment of beam

140.00 +
P&P & Insurance


Wireless Pocket Receiver Kit
Wireless Pocket Receiver Kit - Battery Powered or Mains Adapter
  • Receive alerts from any beam connected to the 6 Zone Base Receiver
  • Relay transmitter connects to the 6 Zone receiver's dedicated output
  • Realistic 200m wireless range (1000m open air) from relay transmitter location to pocket receiver
  • Battery powered
  • 3V mains adapter available (below)
  • Choice of 10 pre-programmed tunes & tones, belt clip, cord aerial with security clip, L.E.D. flasher, silent mode (just flasher), batteries included.


49.00 +
P&P & Insurance


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