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Parabeam 700-fsk Additional Wireless Security Beam - Solar Recharging

Parabeam Additional Solar Recharging Beamset | Add multiple Beams

Additional Wireless Security Beam

1 x Beamset (Beam Emitter & Transmitter)
2 x Internal Battery Pack
2 x Solar Panel with 5 Meters of Cable
1 Year Warranty

275.00  +  
P&P & Insurance

 Wireless Security Beam Features
  • Solar Re-Charging - NO WIRING - Internal Lithium Battery
  • Point-To-Point Infrared Beam - extremely reliable in outdoor locations
  • Immune from false alerts due to small animals, adverse weather, birds etc
  • Wireless with diagnostic communication
  • Realistic range Up To 300m (1000m Line of sight)
     Extended Range Antenna - 2Km
  • Security Beam Span Adjustable Up To 40m
  • Robust and weatherproof - IP rated enclosures
  • Add multiple Security Beams
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Battery life approx 3years


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